9.10.2015 | ^peyote | selekt festival | *mondual
INFO SELEKT Festival is offering you the ultimate night out with more than 30 DJs at 8 stages in 6 clubs and more than 10 hours of nonstop music one more time. And this time, we want you to be more involved.

On 9th of October, for SELEKT Festival II, the center of the city will be your marathon field rather than an election center (you’ll still have to selekt though, and morethanone -of course).
The clubs will be your pitstops. The music will be your doping. And with your strategically elected route, you will be the runner, the dancer, the winner.During the marathon, anywhere and everywhere you might want to go, you will be able to go on foot for once. And the only vehicle you are going to need will be a single ticket that will open all the doors for you.

Let’s meet at the starting line and make the most of it.

SELEKT Festival II reserves the right to refuse the entry of those who deemed inappropriate by the staff of respective SELEKT Festival venues.
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mondual at selekt festival

mondual at selekt festival

mondual at selekt festival

mondual at selekt festival

mondual at elekt festival