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Pixie Underground Proudly Presents / Gururla Sunar:
SLEEPER - Coventry, UK (Osiris Music,Artikal,Chestplate)

pixie - sleeper - poster

poster art by Oygar Erdalsson

EN > Sleeper’s rise to prominence in 2011 has been meteoric, establishing himself as one of the hardest hitting producers in dubstep with his dark and grim steppers heard assaulting sound systems worldwide. Alex, representing Coventry, works at a prolific rate and a slew of fresh dubplates can be heard aired exclusively each week on both Distance’s and Youngsta’s legendary rinse FM shows, two of the biggest names in the game who are both renowned for selecting only the finest cuts of bassweight.  
TR > Dubstep’in ekol haline gelen plak şirketi Chestplate‘ten çıkan karanlık dubstep/tekno prodüktörü Sleeper, Londra’dan Pixie Underground’a konuk oluyor.  

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