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Good Looking Records, Soul Deep Records, Black Reflection Records, Phuzion, Basswerks, Fokuz

His first attempts at the age of 5 to learn how to play the guitar didn’t go that well, although it was enough to lead him to what would later become his favourite “toy”, the piano and its’ synth-etic evolution.

While listening to them sounds for grown ups since the early days, he naturally fell for a wide range of world music. Among others worth mentioning the classic Jazz Masters & the 70s Soul/Disco/Funk, Great Ost composers, as well as Electronic Music pioneers and their analog masterpieces. The list is endless.

He started hosting his own radio show since the age of 14, and kept on doing it for many many years, enjoying various kinds of music with no prejudices. Growing up side by side with the explosion of the modern dance scene, DJing came as a logical progression, while early music production steps were already been taking place.

From the Acid House & Detroit Techno revolution, to the Breakbeat & Jungle era. So many influences from that raw, cutting edge genre, marked him for good. Carrying on from there, it was the intelligent D’n’B sound, introduced by LTJ Bukem an important, milestone, moment for the years that followed. Mind blowing, forward thinking vibes. Nowdays, despite his neverending crush for the Oldskool, Liquid is the style he feels the most. Amen breaks, 808s, Brass, Moogs, Rhodes, you name it, it’s all there. Even though, often the creative work-flow takes him to experimentation territories.

He has been releasing music since ’09 on numerous labels including GLR, Phuzion, Fokuz, SVr, FizzyBeats, SDR, BRR, Telluric, Basswerk, ThinkDeep, LuvDisaster, TMG and gained the support of many top DJs and producers from around the Globe. Getting his music released under the Good Looking recs logo on 12’’ among other formats was sure a dream come true.

So far he had the opportunity to collaborate with a great bunch of very talented artists on the scene and he is looking forward for the ones to follow.

He is about to launch his label Elementary Records, that gives its name to his forthcoming show on Future Sounds Radio. The Elementary Show. Very happy to become part of the FSR roster and looking forward to bring his vibe through quality tunes that he fancies the most.


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6.6.2015 | PHOTO

[GR] MsDos
[TR] MC Jojo Banton
[TR] Mad Cow
[TR] Da Frogg