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INFO Mayzerkaiser aka Gökhan Deneç

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Mayzerkaiser is the result of a reminiscence network on a main-frame.
It is caused by weak signals from the depths of a data collection.
The track records are faulty and the references are lost.

There is no composition process, but an embodiment of sounds by chance – the result of a core dump.
The result is the data fragments scattered all over, irrelevant and unconnected,
in terms of pattern and style.
Dump files are full of eruptions of collections in random forms.
This side-project mechanism helps reducing the network load in the main-frame.

Mayzerkaiser is a coloured hologram which arises when the main-frame enters in a stuck state.
The image is always the same but the sounds change from time to time.
It is a postcard-like vision of a black bird, wandering in the skies, over an ancient city.
Some say this wandering bird could be found some old photographs.


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23.12.2016 | PHOTO
[TR] Mayzerkaiser
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