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EN > As a member of Chernobyl disaster generation of 1986, Gunes Tanis has never been considered normal. He started running before he could walk, he wrote before he learnt how to read.
Due to his laziness, no one had expected much from him or even believed he would make it to the university.
Gunes' involvement in music began during his university years. He started dj'ing at a rock bar in 2005. After spinning rock music for 2 years, his taste in music shifted towards electronica and started to play French electro and rave in private parties at venues like Indigo, The Hall and Dogzstar. The disturbed personality of Gunes allowed him to experiment with different styles of electronic music such as DnB, jungle and dubstep.
In summer of 2012, when he met Childplay and Coskun from Gecko Chamber and heard their music, his genre changed again to minimal deep/tech house. Since then he has been playing alongside Gecko Chamber and Childplay on the label Simplastique at different clubs in Istanbul. However, his passion for dubstep/drumstep/dnb/trap got him bookings in Babylon's dubstep nights and private events. Nowadays he's combining his knowledge about dub, house and his design discipline to conjure a new fusion of sounds, noises and planar leads and groovy sequential basslines.


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[TR] Da Frogg
[TR] Gunesta
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[NZ] Truth
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