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Tufan Demir aka Beto Narme

Born in 1982, Tufan Demir of Istanbul, Turkey, has been blending ambient and house sounds since 2002. Studied for a masters degree in sound engineering, he has several projects in different styles from glitchy ambient drones to dub based minimal grooves. When he is not making music or studying, he writes for some magazines and his blog (www.sensiblesucker.com). He attended Red Bull Music Academy 2007 as a participant and involved in two tracks on their compilation cd, he has also music released on labels like Smalltown Supersound and Unfoundsound.

His alias, Beto Narme, is Tufan Demir’s ever-growing dubstep project, with a sound that heavily focuses on repetitive beats and warm chords. As Tufan will say himself, his music tastes are very eclectic and it’s actually not easy to pin one genre on Beto Narme. It’s a fusion of many elements: ambient, dub-techno, tech-house and dubstep. “I think rather than labelling the whole work as dubstep, it’s better to say that it’s my interpretation of this genre and it’s kind of a response from Istanbul to the whole dubstep rage!” he observes with a smile.


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