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Under Construction

I am currently developing a Drupal theme for this site. It is going to be based on Radix theme so i decided to call it RandomIX.  After some progress i will put some content such as illustrations, videos, events and audio. I'll migrate all the content of my old portfolio site to here. Meanwhile you can check the old site here.

Here are some links to recent works:
- DJ Set for Badmash Collective: BADCAST001
- Video for glob.era art platform: Mondual & Random Input - De-structure
- Website for glob.era art platform:
- T-shirt design for Bant Giyim: Dune Kwisatz Haderach Siyah Tişört
- Video Production and Visuals for Mondual at glob.era channel: Mondual at globera live
- DJ Set at Pixie Underground's 12th Year Anniversary: Random Input @Pixie | 12 Years of Bass

Here are some social media links:
Twitter - Instagram - Vimeo